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We are proud to announce & we love to share some backstage impressions: The business magazine «ECO» (Swiss national television, SRF - Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen) realize a special program on the topic «New Silkroad / one belt, one road initiative».
An important part of the program are Swiss companies SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG and BERTSCHI AG. «ECO» is Switzerland’s leading weekly business show on the first channel of Swiss Television. It is not only broadcast in Switzerland but also on 3Sat in Germany and Austria.

Aida Kaeser SAVVY®, BERTSCHI and SRF_Swiss Television Urs Bachofner- one silk one road

Swiss Research and Innovation: SAVVY® Telematic Systems and Wascosa successfully introduce flat spot detection with telematics

Press release July 13th, 2018

Flat spots on freight wagon wheel sets are problematic. Not only do they lead to increased noise emissions, they also cause the wheel sets to wear out more quickly. In many cases, the flat spots are detected only after many kilometres on the rails, resulting in increased defects and costs. With the support of the Federal Office for the Environment (FOEN), the freight wagon leasing company Wascosa and SAVVY® Telematic Systems conducted a research project to analyse “flat spot detection” and developed a true innovation for rail freight transport.

The new development makes it possible to identify flat spots via acoustic irregularities and eliminate the flat spots efficiently. When the project was launched, Wascosa AG had already equipped several hundred intermodal wagons with telematic systems developed by SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG. This fleet of intelligent freight wagons constituted a solid foundation for the 1-year project’s proof of concept. With average kilometrage exceeding 100,000 km - even 200,000 km are not rare - intermodal wagons are some of the most intensely used freight wagons in the business. Correspondingly, flat spots will affect noise emissions.

WASCOSA and SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG
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Press release January 07th, 2018
All SAVVY® Synergy Portal users should be in the 3 to 4 digit range and access distributed among approximately 50 different user groups. This allows SBB to always have access to reliable, consistent operating data and position information.
SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, has a new customer: Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB (Swiss Federal Railways). A long-term partnership is planned to continuously improve SBB railroad vehicle fleet management productivity by providing and processing telematic and sensor-based data. After conducting an evaluation, Swiss Federal Railways chose SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG. Work on the track maintenance trains, switch engines and 10 other vehicle types belonging to the SBB infrastructure began in October 2017. The data gathered from the hardware is automated and brought together in the SAVVY® Synergy Portal, the central management platform. Thanks to the manufacturer-independence and high connectivity of SAVVY® hardware and software, SBB infrastructure is also able to consolidate the telematic systems currently in use. Last but not least, the consistent data collected from a central location is automatically available for other business applications or effective evaluations. SAVVY® technology’s consistent data management and openness support SBB infrastructure in continuing to effectively develop its fleet management processes and the forward-looking services based on them.
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"Top Telematics provider 2018"

Press release 02 January 2018
SAVVY® has received the “Top Telematics Provider 2018” seal! The seal stands for high-quality recommendable products of respective telematics providers who have agreed to undergo testing on technology, data protection, service, and support by an independent "Telematik-Markt"jury of specialists.
By awarding this seal, "" is building trust between providers and users:“Telematics providers that carry this seal in their company and product presentations have been successfully tested by our panel of experts. They have proven that, with respect to technology, service and support, they are customer-friendly, competent and cooperative towards business partners, interested parties and users.”, says

Intelligent freight wagons: TRANSWAGGON and ScandFibre equip 6,000 freight wagons with SAVVY® telematics devices

Press release September 07th, 2017

Quality is the investment of the future. Total connected wagons went from 3,000 to 6,000. TWA and SFL intensify partnership with SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG.
Encouraged by the positive experience and the proof of quality presented by SAVVY® in connection with the first 3,000 equipped wagons, the upgrade of a total of 6,000 wagons was continued in 2017 and the contract period extended for another 5 years.

“SAVVY’s cut-of-the-edge technology, coupled with its proven data availability and performance were the decisive criteria for choosing the Swiss telematics specialists once again”, Anders Nilsson, Managing Director TRANSWAGGON AB, Helsingborg, explains. “In view of the smooth, extremely fast implementation and very good experiences under normal operation conditions, it became clear to us that we want to continue the collaboration. This is why we are equipping 6,000 of our wagons with the SAVVY® CargoTrac telematics device and digitising our entire fleet step by step.” Nilsson adds.

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Transport Logistic 2017: SAVVY® digitises rail, overseas, and hazardous goods transports with high tech ATEX-Portfolio

Press release April. 04th, 2017
SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG (, a leading specialist for highly developed telematics system solutions and granddaughter company of SDAX-listed INDUS Holding AG, will present several innovations for a modern and digitised logistics at the Transport Logistic 2017. At the SAVVY® booth (Hall B2, Booth 226; 09-12 May, Munich), visitors can inform themselves, among other things, about the new developments surrounding the SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Portal. The award-winning SAVVY® Synergy Portal combines management, collaboration, and business intelligence functions for managing logistics requirements company-wide.

SAVVY® is presenting three innovative ATEX-certified telematics devices: the solar-powered, energy harvesting SAVVY® CargoTrac-SOL, the SAVVY® CargoTrac-ExR, equipped with an IEEE802.15.4 wireless transceiver, and the SAVVY® Sense Gateway-ExR, which provides four connection options regardless of ATEX sensor manufacturer. SAVVY® Sense Gateway communicates wirelessly with the telematics devices.

SAVVY® ATEX-certified telematics units offer performance and lifecycles that exceed industry standards by a wide margin and make it possible for hazardous goods logistics companies to take advantage of all of the possibilities offered by digital process optimisation. SAVVY’s cutting-edge telematics devices are guaranteed to be autonomous and absolutely maintenance-free throughout their entire lifecycle of up to 15 years – even under the harshest possible conditions.

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TRANSWAGGON and ScandFibre Logistics equip 3,000 freight wagons with SAVVY® telematics technology

Press release March. 06th, 2017
In cooperation with the freight wagon rental company, TRANSWAGGON (TWA), ScandFibre Logistics (SFL) evaluated a number of telematics providers with respect to, among other things, tracking goods (via GPS/GNSS). Choosing from a number of telematics providers, both companies decided on the Swiss firm, SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG. SAVVY® best meets the high requirements of TWA and SFL, and proved to be the most reliable and competent telematics provider. SAVVY® provides precise position data in real-time along the entire route – from freight wagon loading to unloading – with an accuracy of up to 2 metres including shock detection with configurable thresholds in x.y, and z axes. At over 1000 POIs (points of interest, also known as geofences) such as loading and unloading points, or switch yards, the distance (air or rail route) up to the next 10 POIs is displayed with each position report. In addition to transmitting position data and the resulting route deviation and performance data, the system provides additional shock detection data.
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SAVVY® SYNERGY ENTERPRISE WINS TELEMATIC AWARD FOR CONTAINER LOGISTICS “The most sophisticated telematics portal system on the market”

Pressrelease 21th October 2016

It’s the “Oscar” of the telematics sector. And competition in 2016 was especially fierce for the respected award. This year, 276 submissions competed for the prize, awarded for automotive telematics every two years. Of the total submitted solutions - according to the organizer all very impressive in terms of performance - 42 were nominated for the 10 award categories.

SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, with its management and logistics process analysis portal solution, SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise, was among the nominees. The software solution combines management, collaboration and business intelligence functions to control complex logistics company-wide. The jury of top-notch experts presented SAVVY® with the Telematic Award at the end of September. “SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise is a comprehensive and especially user-friendly telematics system. It is also the most sophisticated system on the market”, says Jury Chair, Prof. Birgit Wilkes.

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Press release Sep. 01th, 2016
SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, a specialist in sophisticated telematics system solutions and a subsidiary of INDUS Holding AG, an SDAX listed company, is presenting several new products aimed at modern logistics. Visitors at the SAVVY® booth (Hall 4.1, Booth 209) can learn about the new SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Portal. The software solution combines management, collaboration, and business intelligence functions to enable company-wide control of complex logistics demands. SAVVY® is introducing its newest hardware innovation, SAVVY® CargoTrac ExR-MI, which is ATEX-certified. The vendor-independent telematics unit’s performance and service life exceed branch standards by far and opens the entire spectrum of digital process optimisation for hazardous goods logistics. Based on SAVVY® technologies, transports logistics companies can achieve optimum traceability for means of transportation and transportation units, automate administrative processes, increase transport process productivity and develop new value-added services for customers or related business units.
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New digitalised NACCO freight car Laaers560.1 between Halls 1 and 3

Press release Sep. 01th, 2016
For the first time ever and in the area located between Halls 1 and 3, WBN Waggonbau Niesky GmbH (Halle 3.2 Stand 202) is presenting its new freight car Laars560.1, equipped with the SAVVY® CargoTrac-R telematics unit. The new Laaers560.1 freight car was especially designed for NACCO, a CIT Company and is delivered to end customers in its standard version with SAVVY® telematics. By using intelligent telematics and the state-of-the-art SAVVY® Synergy Portal, NACCO, a CIT company, is securing a decisive competitive advantage for itself and its end customers.
NACCO a CIT Company and SAVVY® Telematics
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SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG has been nominated for the Telematics Award 2016!

Press release Aug. 20th, 2016
“With 276 submissions, the Telematics Award has achieved a record number of contestants. Decisive criteria for the nomination of telematic systems were marketing, usability, in other words, the ease with which users can achieve competitive advantages offered by the telematics sector“, according to We look forward to the Telematics Award Ceremony on September 27, 2016 at 2.30 pm at the IAA Commercial Vehicles in Hanover. Get your free ticket here

HOYER Group relies on SAVVY®high tech telematics and logistics portal to ship temperature-controlled products in tank containers

Press release Apr. 18th, 2016
“SAVVY® is not only the technology leader in the telematics sector, it is an acknowledged expert in the area of monitoring electronic trace heating systems. In addition to its engineering know-how, the company has a unique understanding of future-oriented digital logistics business processes. This is demonstrated for example by the high efficiency of the SAVVY® Synergy Portal“, explains Hans Demarest, Director Engineering of the Netlog Business Unit. „This combination makes SAVVY® an ideal partner for us. As part of the Indus Holding AG, SAVVY® also offers the stability and reliability necessary for a successful long-term collaboration.”
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Happy new year – available to customers by the end of Q1/2016: SAVVY® will launch “SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise”, its new analysis and management application for logistics processes

Press release Jan. 13th, 2016
Beginning in 2016, SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG ( will provide customers with a new cloud-based software solution. The SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise platform makes it possible to monitor, evaluate and control complex logistics processes with one application. To do so, SAVVY® links relevant telematic systems data with business IT data and processes in a concise form on dashboards. Chat and message functions as well as an integrated task manager connect all of those involved in the process and help organise business processes by providing current information...
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High-tech cab for OEMs serving the off-highway industry

Press release Dec. 11th, 2015
The "Cab Concept Cluster" creates a customer-independent innovation platform, which cross-connects innovative solutions presented by reputable manufacturers. On December 9 and 10 the members of the newly-formed "Cab Concept Cluster" met at the Fritzmeier company headquarters in Großhelfendorf, which is located in the district of Munich. This network of experts, made up out of well-known OEM suppliers and reputable scientists from the branch, is focusing on the evolution of a concept cabin, which will be showcased for the first time at the bauma in Munich in 2016.
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SAVVY® provides a comprehensive overview of shipments, freight and containers – even for hazardous goods shipments

Press release Sept. 15th, 2015
The use of telematics is not unknown in container logistics. Its use and scope of application is limited however. This is due to lack of technological maturity, practicality and an unattractive cost/benefit ratio. A lot of systems are not modular or vendor-independent enough to create value beyond their actual application. Modern telematics and/or M2M technology do not have these limits. This technology can be connected to all types of carriers and containers as required, thereby creating comprehensive optimisation opportunities for container logistics.
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WASCOSA Asset Intelligence Day

Press release Sept. 14th, 2015
WASCOSA ( is Europe’s leading provider of freight wagon systems and one of the most innovative companies in the sector. It is currently in the process of testing SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG’s solutions. WASCOSA says it intends to use telematics in the future and is committed to achieving higher market penetration for telematics in rail freight transport. WASCOSA therefore considers calling atttention to future-oriented overall solutions to improve rail freight transports both a privilege and a responsibility. This is the theme of the WASCOSA Intelligence Day on October 22nd in Lucerne.
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"Rail freight transport digitalization 4.0"

Tecnical Paper July 6th, 2015
Demands on freight wagon operations and maintenance are many and high. For operators, and to some extent for shippers, monitoring transport progress, using intermodal systems, complying with safety and maintenance regulations, and ensuring wagons are reliable and available go hand in hand with high personnel costs. If control and implementation are insufficient, productivity may decrease, further aggravating cost pressures. The only recourse is to increase the economic efficiency of individual processes along the process chain. In view of sinking margins in rail transport and competition from the road, action is obviously required but, for the same reasons, the scope of that action is limited. Intelligent, multivendor and highly integrated telematic systems solve this dilemma.
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"New solutions for hazardous goods transport and container sector "

Press release 20 March 2015
SAVVY® is presenting its freight traffic solutions at this year’s Transport Logistics fair (Hall B2, Booth 226; 05-08 May, Munich). Among other things, the machine-to-machine solutions provider specialised in telematic-based business intelligence is putting two new telematic devices on view: the SAVVY® CargoTrac-Ex and the SAVVY® MultiTrac. The SAVVY® CargoTrac-Ex, certified for zone 1, closes the gap in scalable safety telematics. The Atex-certified telematic unit makes it possible for hazardous goods shipment companies to use the entire range of available telematic and vehicle logistics applications to achieve optimal transport processes. At three notifications per day, its expected service life is up to 15 years.
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"Container logistics: Improving efficiency to increase margins"

Press release 21 Jan 2015
The RWI container circulation index indicates a continuous increase; the increase at the end of last month was one per cent. Nevertheless, increasing competitive pressures, continuing high fuel and personnel costs as well as increasing traffic spoil the margins. The only rational response to these challenges is to increase efficiency and reduce costs.
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"New development at the agile SAVVY® Synergy Portal – increased performance for logistics services providers"

Press release 27 Oct 2014
With immediate effect, additional functions are available to control and optimise construction sector and container logistics processes. SAVVY® Synergy combines web-based portal software for managing Savvy's telematic units with a high-performance business intelligence solution that turns raw data and individual events into meaningful information. The BI solution makes it possible to conduct standard analyses such as ad hoc evaluations in accordance with individual criteria.
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"Telematics without borders – SAVVY® develops a comrehensive system solution to optimise rail freight transport processes"

Press release 12 August 2014
SAVVY® combines SAVVY® CargoTrac, an autonomous telematics device, with specially designed branch-specific application software and the innovative business intelligence based SAVVY® Synergy-Portal . This provides customers with a high performance solution for different uses, from classic tracking & tracing to worldwide trip monitoring, automated unit monitoring to use as a precise analysis and reporting system for all types of logistics processes.
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"Containers: around the world in 80 days?"
Savvy's telematics solutions optimise container cycle

Press release 25 June 2014
SAVVY® combines SAVVY® CargoTrac, an autonomous telematics device, with specially designed branch-specific application software and the innovative business intelligence based SAVVY® Synergy-Portal . This provides customers with a high performance solution for different uses, from classic tracking & tracing to worldwide trip monitoring, automated unit monitoring to use as a precise analysis and reporting system for all types of logistics processes.
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"SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG forms strategic partnership with INDUS Holding AG"

Press release 21 May 2014
SAVVY® has extended its strategic scope of action through an investment made by INDUS Holding AG. Through its subsidiary, IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. KG, a world leader in mobile measurement technology, DAQ software, engineering services and test bench technology for the automotive industry, INDUS has acquired 60 per cent of SAVVY®.
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"Maximum productivity on construction sites – SAVVY® Telematic Systems combines telematics and business intelligence"

Press release 14 April 2014
SAVVY® Telematic Systems has a scalable product range consisting of system solutions and services that go well beyond classic tracking & tracing and is specifically for the construction industry. The aim is to considerably improve operational and support processes as well as reduce costs through intelligent data acquisition and evaluation. To do so, SAVVY® combines highly developed telematic devices with high-capacity business intelligence and portal software.
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Press release on SAVVY® 02 April 2014
Schaffhauser Nachrichten on Savvy: "In the business world, this type of company is known as a growth company – it is very young and dynamic, has an excellent earnings outlook thanks to its innovative business ideas but often has not yet made a profit. Savvy® Telematic Systems AG, established in January 2014 and headquartered in Schaffhausen, appears to belong to the growth category.“
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Press Release 3 March 2014
“We are currently developing a complete new device generation and combining it with a modern, innovative software approach that – for the first time – is also capable of modelling the system's process side”, Kaeser explains. “This puts us in a position to evaluate our customers' data intelligently, in other words, as defined by a comprehensive business intelligence approach.”
SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG
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