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Press release June. 06th, 2018


SAVVY® presents innovations for connecting and optimising logistics processes

Schaffhausen, Switzerland, 06th June 2018 +++ SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG (, a leading specialist for highly developed telematics system solutions and granddaughter company of SDAX-listed INDUS Holding AG, will present several innovations for a modern and digitised logistics at InnoTrans 2018. At the SAVVY® booth (Hall 4.1, Booth 211; 18-21 September, Berlin), visitors can inform themselves, among other things, about the new developments surrounding the SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Portal. The award-winning SAVVY® Synergy Portal combines management, collaboration, and business intelligence functions for managing logistics requirements company-wide.

SAVVY is presenting three innovative ATEX-certified telematics devices: the solar-powered, energy harvesting SAVVY® CargoTrac-SOL, the SAVVY® CargoTrac ExR-MI, equipped with an IEEE802.15.4 wireless transceiver, and the SAVVY® Sense Gateway-ExR, which provides four connection options regardless of ATEX sensor manufacturer. SAVVY® Sense Gateway communicates wirelessly with the telematics devices.

SAVVY ATEX-certified telematics units offer performance and lifecycles that exceed industry standards by a wide margin and make it possible for hazardous goods logistics companies to take advantage of all of the possibilities offered by digital process optimisation. SAVVY’s cutting-edge telematics devices are guaranteed to be autonomous and absolutely maintenance-free throughout their entire lifecycle of up to 15 years – even under the harshest possible conditions.

By using SAVVY technology, transport logistics companies have access to optimum transport means and unit traceability, can automate administrative processes, increase transport process productivity and develop new, value-added services for customers or related business areas.

SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise – Transparency and Connection The cloud-based SAVVY® Synergy Enterprise Portal not only makes logistics processes transparent, it also offers comprehensive opportunities for collaborating to quickly exchange information and facilitates coordination and agreement with all stakeholders. In addition, there are high-performance business intelligence tools that enable fast business process analyses and actionable forecasts. Based on this, transport logistics processes and related business areas can be digitally connected and optimised with precision.

SAVVY CargoTrac ExR, certified für zone 0

SAVVY® CargoTrac ExR-MI – data-driven process optimisation for hazardous goods logistics SAVVY CargoTrac-ExR is approved for Zone 1 (gas, dust) hazardous areas and is suited for a wide range of transport units: containers, IBCs, freight wagons of all types, and rail tank wagons. An internal acceleration sensor reliably detects shocks, blows, vibrations, and accelerations within a range of ±8g. In addition, an integrated GNSS receiver ensures that positioning is accurate by up to 2m. All current satellite systems such as GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo, OZSS, and SBAS, are supported. No external antenna connections are necessary because all antennas are integrated into the device.

CargoTrac-ExR also offers another innovative feature: external sensors can also be connected via a 2.4GHz ZigBee wireless interface. There is also a sensor gateway with encrypted data transmission.

SAVVY Gateway, certified für zone 0

SAVVY® Sense Gateway-ExR, designed for hazardous Zone 0 and Zone 20, offers four connection options regardless of ATEX sensor manufacturer to monitor temperature, pressure, fill levels or locking mechanisms. Two internal temperature sensors detect the environment and operating temperature; in addition a reed switch can detect external changes (e.g. door opening, gateway removal, lever position etc.) via a magnet. The SAVVY CargoTrac-ExR offers a scalable system solution, enabling hazardous goods logistics companies to connect, monitor, and agilely manage their business processes in a digital form, not only to achieve highest possible transport, circulation and storage productivity but also to increase added value with new, customer-oriented services.

Manufacturer-independent data exchange
SAVVY® supports both the ITSS standard interface between server-side telematics applications (regardless of provider) and the end customer’s IT environment. SAVVY® devices communicate wirelessly and are “ITSS2-ready”for the future manufacturer interoperable TIS/ITSS wireless standard. This ensures manufacturer-independent data exchange at all times. Special software that consolidates different telematics manufacturers and brings them together in a separate portal is therefore a thing of the past – say hello to independence, say hello to digitalisation 4.0!

SAVVY Gateway, certified für zone 0

About SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG
SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG, headquartered in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, is an M2M technology service provider specialised in telematics-based business intelligence and fleet management. SAVVY® combines hardware, software and process consulting expertise to provide comprehensive services for industrial and logistics companies. The aim is to increase added value in these companies through efficient work and logistics processes. SAVVY® links telematic system solutions for use in vehicles, machines, rail freight wagons, and tank containers with highly developed business intelligence technologies, and a state-of-the-art portal. The range of services also includes far-reaching process consulting and intelligent process design for all telematics-based business processes. The team at SAVVY® Telematic Systems AG consists of hardware and software engineers, project managers and logistics specialists committed to working with their clients toward increasing customers' added value. SAVVY® joined the SDAX-listed INDUS Holding AG Group ( in May 2014.