SAVVY® SYNERGY Enterprise Portal

Our telematic devices provide our customers with comprehensive data that corresponds to intended use and match requirements. Savvy Synergy derives information from this data.

To effectively optimise business processes, operational data has to be accurately acquired and edited to meet process requirements. Savvy Synergy's business logic can be adapted to the customer's specific context and generates meaningful information from raw data and individual events. Savvy Synergy provides this information in real-time via a portal and links it to a top-quality map with all the relevant geo-information. This way, customers receive a clear overview of their processes and can monitor their activities.

In addition to these basic functions, we also offer our customers a number of additional benefits:

  • Dynamism:
    A broad range of compact graph and drill-down functions enable high-performance flexible reporting. Thanks to user-friendly graphic modelling and configuration of the application logic (business logic), dynamic evaluations are also no problem whatsoever.

  • Customisation:
    The adjustable, role-specific dashboards and cockpits enable user-oriented and efficient process control.

  • Validity:
    Variable analysis intervals can be defined as needed so indicators can be evaluated in individually defined time periods. This means the high-performance business intelligence technology enables long-term trend analyses and comparisons across different objects for strategic business decisions.

  • Automation:
    A high degree of automation ensures defined business processes are monitored autonomously, response to events is fast and key evaluations are provided on time. Highly available and easily scalable, Savvy Synergy ensures secure processes.


The software is Web-based and can be used (without local installation) conveniently through the Internet, via cloud, private cloud and on premises. This way, access via mobile end devices is possible – from anywhere and at any time.




  • Individually configurable dashboard function
  • Comprehensive evaluations and graphs
  • Graphically configurable business logic for data processing to generate customer-specific information and events
  • Highly-available, scalable server architecture
  • Web 2.0 technology
  • Cloud, Private Cloud, On Premises


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Savvy SynergyPortal - Dashboard overview